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Tile Monthly, the electronic magazine (e-zine), was founded in early 2010. It is the first, and so far only, tile and stone magazine for consumers, written and presented in language the average person can understand. We haven’t forgotten people in the trade — there will always be something for them — but our main focus is on homeowners and aspiring homeowners. Until now nearly everything that has been published relating to tile and stone has been directed toward people in those trades. Consumers have been left largely in the dark as to new products, procedures and techniques that have evolved within the industry.

We are convinced this lack of public information has contributed significantly to a negative, even unsavory, image of the tile trade over the past couple decades. By neglecting to make consumers aware of the best practices for the installation of tile and stone products, the industry has paved the way for untrained, unreliable and, in some cases, dishonest workers to infiltrate our ranks. Inferior workmanship and failed installations have caused many people to spurn ceramic tile showers, for instance, and look to other materials when building or remodeling bathrooms. “Oh, I won’t have another tile shower. They get moldy, and they leak.” The same is true of tiled floors. “You’re thinking of tile for your floors? Don’t you know that tile floors usually crack?”

The fact is, ceramic and stone tiles, especially modern porcelain tiles, are among the longest lasting surface materials used in construction. A properly constructed tile shower will last indefinitely, and if cared for it will look pristine virtually forever. Modern waterproofing methods render tile showers mold free. Again, reasonable routine maintenance is part of the scheme, maintenance that is necessary in preserving any surface. Those same waterproofing products ensure your shower will not leak — ever.

Tile floors, if done by qualified craftsmen and craftswomen using quality products (or by well-instructed DIYers), will last a lifetime and beyond without cracking and without losing their allure. There is simply nothing more enduring, and appealing, than a ceramic or stone tile floor.

About John Bridge & Associates LLC

The publisher of Tile Monthly, John Bridge & Associates LLC, is chartered in Delaware. Current members reside in Michigan and in Texas. To the extent of our knowledge, and within the limits of our capabilities, we intend to disseminate the best information available and to correct the misinformation that circulates concerning the tile and stone industries.

JB&A operates the John Bridge Tile Forums on the Internet. The host site, John Bridge.com, has become the number one tile information site in the world, averaging 9,000 new visitors (unique visits) per day as of February, 2010. In addition to providing do-it-yourself and general information to consumers, the Forums have become a crossroads for tile and stone industry professionals, a place where information can be freely exchanged, where new and innovative ideas can be expressed within a non-proprietary setting. Although JB&A accepts advertising, we encourage the discussion of all product brands and installation methods whether advertised on the site or not. That atmosphere of unfettered exchange and dissemination is carried over to Tile Monthly.

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